When things fall apart

The Unsuccessful Student has been utterly quiet these past three months. If you’re on my Facebook, everything would seem to be peachy, but truth be told, the last three months have taken a most unexpected turn.

After a wonderful honeymoon phase with Melbourne, everything went wrong. An unexpected parting with the job that brought me here has left me in an incredibly tough spot. My prospects of sponsorship flew out the window and I spent the next two months trying to find my footing before the holidays. Unfortunately, all the companies that would be potential fits either did not have capacity for juniors or were not hiring at the time. By early December, many companies were winding down for Christmas and the ramp up after the new year would be equally slow.

The general outlook was that most of the potential companies wouldn’t be hiring until anytime between February and May. As my first visa expires in July, this was obviously not good news. I can’t start a new position during that time frame considering that my visa expires shortly afterwards. Perhaps the worse thing was the feeling of deja vu from Malaysia lingering in the back of my mind. Knowing this outlook places a lot of uncertainty in everything and that looming uncertainty spread into other parts of my life.

And so the next domino to fall was parting ways with the girl I was dating. That one stung differently because it seemed like a logical “timing” breakup. As long as my prospects of staying were so uncertain, I couldn’t offer her what she wanted. One could say that this is the story of my life and at the same time, it’s the story I choose to live. Lots of other little things seemed to happen the past three months but it can all be summarized with the title of this blog post.

And so here I was back at square one running out of runway. However, there is a way to gain more time. The Australian government allows a second year visa extension if you complete three months working specific labour jobs. One of those jobs is farm/agriculture work and one of the most common jobs is fruit picking. I shit you not. That is what I am doing for the next three months.

If there is one thing these events have revealed, it is that I really do love it here and that I am willing to do whatever it takes to stay. Compared to my Malaysia stint, the motivation here is a lot higher. By no means will this be glorious nor will it be a money gig, but it will hopefully be a memorable stepping stone.

Throughout your life, there will be times when you should fight and there are times you have to let things go. I do believe this is one of those fighting times.

So while I call this next part of my life, “doing what needs to be done” and while I miss Melbourne dearly, I know that I will look back on this as a great story and a great memory. Just another day in the life of the unsuccessful student.

Great stories to come. Stay tuned.


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