What’s next?

Beta launched just under two weeks ago for let’s chill and it was fairly smooth. We had some issues but nothing that caused panic. We still haven’t gotten it to cooperate with the domain though. Damn Facebook!

I thought I would feel relieved after finishing the first version, but oddly I felt dissatisfied. Maybe dissatisfied at my speed, maybe at other details, but certainly not a sense of relief.

So, you may wonder… what’s next for the project?

From a technical perspective, I’ll be improving the code base, adding tests and working on a few foundation areas I want to clean up over the next 2 months.

For the beta testing portion, I’ve decided to pilot the beta in Vancouver until the end of March. At that time, I’ll make a decision on whether it’ll stay in Vancouver.

Ultimately, let’s chill will follow me wherever I go, but whether Vancouver shows signs that they want to keep it here, will determine its future here.

If you’ve helped me share it with your friends on Facebook, you’ve done your part in helping keep let’s chill in Vancouver.

Thanks 🙂


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