The days you don’t feel like it

“I don’t feel like working.” I said to myself the other day.

Maybe you feel distracted. Maybe you feel tired or restless. Or maybe you just keep procrastinating by doing other things. Whatever the reason, we all have those moments and those days.

There aren’t too many of those days for me right now but this month has definitely had more than the previous four months. Sometimes, the beginning is the hardest. It’s the hardest because you’re possibly breaking old habits and trying to form new habits. But sometimes, the beginning isn’t as hard because you’re excited to get started; just like a new year’s resolution. You’ve set that new goal and you’re wanting to hit it.

But weeks go by and your motivation will likely waiver at some point unless you’ve set that new habit. But make no mistake, there will be some days when you don’t feel like doing it. And that’s when you have to decide to be disciplined: to do it when you don’t feel like it. The truth is anybody can do it when they feel like doing it. But it’s the people who can be disciplined consistently, that will come out ahead.

I see the “entrepreneuring cycle” a bit differently. Well at least, the one I’m embarking on. I started learning coding in August. So I’m approximately four months into it. There’s been a lot of reading and learning and sometimes it’s been very tiring, but nonetheless, I predict that the first six months will be the easiest. I think the next cycle will be much harder: months 7 to 12. And the hardest one is probably the 12 to 24 month run. Why?

By the next cycle, I should be fully plunged into some test projects. Following along simple tutorials is one thing, taking it to an application level for your own project can be a big leap. After that, assuming that something has potential, comes all the other stuff. Stuff like getting a product/service out to market and gaining traction; the part where most people fail.

But to be honest, I’ve only thought as far as the test project phase. It’s a big question mark after that.

On the days I don’t feel as motivated, I find the important thing is to find a way to still get something done on those days. It really helps to understand your goals (short-term and long-term) and use them as your driver on those days. If you don’t have specific goals, then I think you will find it hard to stay focused long term. Goals help keep me motivated and I honestly believe it’s the best motivation.

I am a big fan of the sports analogies because I think they can be applied to all aspects of your life. There is a saying that as an athlete, you will have off days, but it is the champions that still find a way to win on those off days. I apply that analogy to getting something done on your “off days”. I think of this analogy everytime I feel like writing off an entire day. You have to try your best to make progress. That can be your win.

I keep this picture posted in my room.  But let's be honest, it's just a one liner sign. When was the last time a sign/quote motivated you?

I keep this picture posted in my room.
But let’s be honest, it’s just a one liner sign;
when was the last time a one liner actually motivated you?

Nothing will beat your own desire and hunger to do something. There is no secret trick to it. Sometimes we need little helpers to get started but the only thing that can keep us going comes from within.



  1. Well said my friend

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  3. I think if this gig doesn’t work out, you should write motivational books.

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