Lessons from the farm

“You can learn everything you need to know about life at a farm.” Michael once said. How true do you think that statement is? In Australia, backpackers come to a farm for different reasons: either for the experience, the visa days, or for some money to travel. You can often …

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The long goodbye

I’m not good at goodbyes. I often have things I want to say, but it rarely comes out the way I mean them. Nowadays, I try to keep goodbyes shorter to avoid being overly emotional. If you have traveled to some degree, you will be very familiar with the endless hellos and …

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40 things only Fruitshackers understand


30 minutes = McDonald’s cone Fucken fruit picking ladders You start a new farm job and you don’t mind it for the first bit, but by the end of the day, you want a different one. The first time you saw Mr. Oreo, you thought he was the biggest cat …

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