Singapore: The first visa run

This week, I am heading to Singapore for my first visa run/business trip. I am fairly excited even though I know this is a fairly light visit. (FYI, Because I’m “roaming“, I have to do a visa run every 90 days)

My goal is to start meeting a variety of people from the Singapore business community. I’m hoping to be chatting with startup employees, other entrepreneurs and other programmers.

My two biggest priorities right now is scouting for an iOS developer who I can partner with on projects and someone who can maybe mentor me in android/web. I think finding a business mentor is a bit pre-emptive at this point but I will be keeping my eyes and ears open.

I wanted to match my dates with an Android meetup happening in later January but it looks like I won’t be able to do that. If I did, I would be staying far too long. The trade-off is that I will get some 1on1 time with an iOS developer.

The start of the year has been a little rough and I’m far behind my January schedule; partly due to internet blackouts and partly due to roadblocks in figuring out certain problems/subjects. I’m hoping this trip gives me a little bit of a breather from the first two weeks.

I will do a followup post after coming back next week.