September in review

September was a pretty good month. The traction I gained at the end of the August gave me a better direction to move ahead. I haven’t had as much time to write but I felt like I needed to do a mind dump for this month’s review.

These past few weeks have also given me some perspective on my time in Malaysia. What I thought would a more straight forward time ended up being a time where I felt like a headless chicken. Wandering. Exploring. Those are words that could describe the first six months of Malaysia.

So where am I at now?

A rock and a hard place. It’s a chicken and an egg problem. But let’s start with the positives.

The past month I’ve finally been able to cross off a few things hanging over my head

  • Finished Rails tutorial (600 pages of tutorial lead me to this modest twitter duplicate. It does work. you can register and browse the fake users generated)
  • ‘s new site finally went live. There are imperfect details but there is a backload of work on their end so I am not sure when we can continue to make adjustments
  • Completed a part-time fundamentals course with CodeCore
  • Wrote several blog posts for CodeCore’s new upcoming site revamp. Will possibly continue writing for them in exchange for more training/pay
  • I folded the downtown study group due to a lack of interest and revamped the second study group to focus on teaching different topics each session. It’s been very successful and I’ve found two other core members to participate every week. We will be working on a collaboration project by the beginning of November.

  Things I’ve learned this month

  • The tech community is extremely helpful and supportive (I can’t imagine being in another industry right now).
  • People are willing to help you out and make you better even if you have nothing to offer them
  • I’ve been focusing on the wrong things (more on this in a separate post). It’s discouraging knowing that I’ve wasted time on some of the wrong things for several months.


Despite making progress this last year, I have a long very long way to go. I am still jobless but after immersing more in the tech community, it’s made me realize that I can’t just take a random part-time job. If I need work, I need to find something in tech/development. The right fit will give me work mentorship, improve my skills and foster career lasting relationships. Whereas a random part-time job will give me short-term money but set me back in progress.

And that brings me to a rock and a hard place: my first break into a tech job. While my passion is still startup/business, I need to acknowledge that I need a form of income at this time and I need to reach the level of a junior dev. I haven’t become good enough at any one language and I need more sites/projects for my portfolio.

A week ago, I applied for a job that I thought was a perfect fit for my situation. Unfortunately I haven’t heard back so it doesn’t look like I will get an interview. I’ll talk more about this in a separate post next time.

I’ve hated looking for jobs; especially jobs I didn’t care to do. It was very discouraging and I have to wonder if it reflected in my cover letters (even the ones I was OK with). Now that I am only focusing on tech jobs, it’s better but hard to find a good fit.

The last challenge I will mention is people hunting. It’s hard. Really hard. I will say that it is akin to dating when you’re picky and looking for a long-term partner. More on this another time. Back to work!

[This post was probably a much lower quality post than usual. Will try to get back to some better writing soon, though I imagine I will only be writing 3-4 posts a month maximum.]


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