Onions look terrible in Malaysia

I love onions. So when I went to the grocery store in Malaysia for the first time, it was natural for me to pick up some onions.

And then I saw the onions.


What seems like a typical onion

I know we have it good in Canada and this is proof. The onion is proof. I’ve never been to other super markets in SE Asia so I can’t compare but these were some really sad looking onions. A lot of the onions seem to come from India and man do they look like they have been through the beater. The weird thing is that it seems only the red onions have been mutilated since the white onions look pretty decent (also from India apparently).


Sad onions galore…

There are plenty of other vegetables that look fine in Malaysia. Unfortunately the (red) onion is not one of them. So whenever I find a really good onion now, I am pretty darn happy.

I will never take onions for granted in Canada again.


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