November in review

This will be a regular monthly post where I reflect on the month in terms of my goals, accomplishments/struggles, and plan for the next month.

So this month, I passed the one month mark since arriving in Malaysia. I was able to check off all my goals for the month so I’m very happy about that. They include the following:

  • BSI Site Review
  • Begin learning PHP/MySQL
  • Introduction to JQuery
  • Continue studying HTML/CSS/JS
  • Launch new blog site

I spent a lot of time learning little things here and there this month. Probably the most difficult part for me as been taking some of the new knowledge and applying it to a new website. While I can work through basic examples and understand independent concepts, when I open up the web file for the first time, it often looks like an alien language. There is just so much going on, it’s hard for me to tell what anything is doing. That has been a bit overwhelming at times.

I was also able to start playing with the Android development platform which was a nice bonus. Next month (Dec), these are my priorities:

  • BSI site update
  • Continue learning focus on HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery/PHP/MySQL
  • Start first app (Android) project
  • Begin new theme development project for WordPress

It should be an exciting month as I’ll be simultaneously working on three different projects this month!


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