My favourite airport travel tips

I’ve spent a decent amount of time traveling these past few years so naturally, I’ve spent a fair amount of time around airports.

There are lots of travel tips when it comes to specific destinations but it’s less common to find tips on traveling itself. So… Inspired by my most recent layover in New Zealand, here are three of my favourite “in-travel” tips.


Singapore Airport: One of the most comfortable to rest in

  1. Talk to your neighbour
    It sounds pretty self-explanatory, but many people seem afraid to reach out to strangers. If you’re going to spend hours next to a stranger, it never hurts to introduce yourself! If you happen to break the ice with your neighbour, he/she may have some great advice or tips for your upcoming travels. This is especially true when your neighbour is a local making a trip back to his/her home country. Who knows? You may even become friends and find a way to meet up!
  2. Use the duty-free store
    Whether it is by limitation or forgetfulness, you may find that you didn’t pack certain liquids in your carry on. Duty free shop to the rescue! The store is a great source of sample lotions, cologne, and other random goodies. After the cold dry airplane, some moisturizer might be the perfect way to freshen up!
  3. Bring an empty water bottle
    You can’t bring liquids on a plane but having an empty water bottle allows you to fill it before and on the plane. Rather than asking for numerous waters from the attendants, you can fill your bottle once and never have to ask again during the plane ride. It’s efficient, helps you stay better hydrated and reduces the usages of plastic cups.

What’s your favourite travel tip?


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