My experience with technology recruiters in Australia

Regardless of the industry, recruiters have a bad reputation. For many individuals, they may be no better than used car people. They are said to be dishonest and sneaky as they attempt to fill their vacancies by any means possible. They are also known to focus on higher paying jobs for bigger commissions. But do recruiters always deserve this reputation?

After my first interactions with recruiters this year, I can officially chime in on my own experiences. My focus was primarily connecting with recruiters that specialize in hiring technical people, so different industries may yield different experiences.

First up are the Vancouver technical recruiters. My experience with the few Vancouver recruiters who I contacted could be summed up in two words: nothing happened. After our initial contact, nobody came forward with a single work opportunity or further follow up. The meetings themselves were fine in itself. The first recruiter who I met was a friendly lady from the company Stellar Recruitment. She loved the idea of let’s chill and seemed genuinely interested in finding the right fit for me. The other recruiter I met was from Swim Recruiting. Unlike the one with Stellar, this meeting felt less personal and more like a checklist. Not bad, but not great.

For Vancouver, I can’t say too much beyond those two experiences. I reached out to approximately six recruiters and I was surprised that some of my inquiries went unanswered.

As for Australia, I reached out to well over 15+ recruiters and these are my general notes.

  • The majority of recruiters replied (around 70%-80%)
  • Most did not make an effort to stay in touch unless I reached out to them
  • Some did not reply at all or gave very impersonal responses

The most reputable tech recruiters in Australia is probably Lookahead Search as their recruiters have technical experience and are known to be genuine. While they were helpful in giving me market insight, responses to emails were sometimes hit and miss for me. I had my most positive experience with ITCOM/Davidson Technology because the recruiter stayed in close contact and spent time building a relationship (of course, your mileage may vary among different recruiters in an organization). I also had a fairly positive experience with a gentleman from Torii Recruitment.

Outside of those few companies, I had little success. Below, I’ve organized the companies into groups based on their response rate and level of effort they seemed to put into building a relationship. This first batch consists of recruiters that replied to all or most of my emails. They also took my resume, but none actually put me forward for positions or actively stayed in contact (unless I reached out).

  • Just Digital People
  • Lookahead Search
  • Job Ready
  • Progressive People
  • Ranstad
  • Sirius Technology
  • Attribute Group

I received minimal replies from these recruiting agencies:

  • Opus
  • Continuum Recruiting
  • Preacta

I received less than adequate contact from the following agencies:

  • Ambition

Out of all the agencies, only one was able to put me actively forward for a few roles and that was the lady from ITCOM/Davidson. She took the time to call me regularly, follow up and prep me for the few interviews I had. She currently does not work with an agency but feel free to connect with her in case she moves back to that line of work. I can also help refer you if you want a direct introduction.

Overall I can say that my experience with recruiters wasn’t bad, but highly variable in terms of quality. None were overly pushy, but most did not have junior roles available or were not as interested in recruiting for junior roles. If you do find a good recruiter, I recommend spending time to build a good relationship with them. You never know when that connection may come in handy.


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