May in review

May was a fun month.

Unfortunately I’m talking more about my social life during May. I had friends from Canada visit during the end of the month and it was a nice little break from my computer. The longest I have been away from code related activity since October was probably 24 hours (this was 10 days!). I was looking forward to getting back to it by the time my friends left.

For BSI work, I spent a bunch of time trying to fix stuff. As I debug features and add little things, I learn something each time. I also flushed out a document for the activity site/app I want to build and will be releasing details on it this month. Stay tuned!

Not too much to report otherwise but I’ve changed my scheduling so I spend at least 2 hours a day learning some RoR. It’s been better and since returning from the break, its felt like a routine I can work with. I’ve also cut android out because I feel like working just on RoR will give me more productivity for what I want to accomplish with this upcoming website.

The focus knowing that I’m back in August is to get as much RoR under my belt and start building the skeleton for this site if I can. I’ll be seeing who I can pull into this project back in Vancouver and see if I can build a prototype within 3 months. I’m not sure if that is realistic but I’ll go with that for now.

So.. next 2 months

  • Continue RoR learning everyday
  • Complete app document and introduce idea on FB to get feedback
  • If above step goes okay, start flushing out full features list with what is required to build each component
  • Continue BSI site fixing/edits (this should have been done by now but they haven’t given me a ton of things..)


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