March in review

I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blogging so I thought I would hammer this out before I start work today. A technology ill plagued month finally came to a close last week. I had computer problems along with my phone starting to die on me. Right now I’ve had to migrate to my new mac completely as my backlight on my HP is also starting to die. *Sigh* I’m also anxiously waiting my PVP to be approved. I may need a backup plan before my HK departure (visa renewal) next week…

Anyways, March was a very off track month. Not because of the work I did, but because of the work I didn’t do. I will be the first to admit it was an off month for me. And I will also admit it was because I got distracted due to expanding my social life via dating. But this month, I’m motivated to get refocused. It’s okay to get a bit off track as long as you identify it and get back on track.

Some highlights from last month

– Got my new MacBook Air (my first mac) for doing RoR development. Definitely not used to the mac environment and using UNIX commands. It’ll take some learning but hopefully it’ll improve my work efficiency in due time. I have things I do like about it and things I don’t like about it. I might do a little review on it later
– Distracted from work with dating
– Got stuck on my BSI work a lot. But this is my last major month on this website  so I have to have a live version ready to go by end of the month… stay tuned!
– Crappy month for RoR learning – refocusing this for this month
– Check my current projects for the most up to date details

Mostly a repeat month from last month.

  • Continue learning Ruby on Rails (RoR) beyond the introductory course
  • Helping on CRM application with Tandemic (I did some UI work last month but apparently it was wrong… I’m not sure how useful I’m going to be with this)
  • Finish new BSI site minus finishing touches
  • Start planning my first “real application”
  • Spare time: continue learning Android / playing with apps


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