Lunch specials of Malaysia

Ah, lunch specials in Malaysia. I’ve been meaning to write this ever since I landed in Malaysia. During my first week back in October, I got to check out a different side of the Malaysia food scene. While there are plenty of delicious food stalls and little shops to be eaten at, there are also some cheap (considering CAD exchange) food deals to be found in malls.

During weekdays, many places (in particular franchise restaurants) will have lunch specials. The lunch specials are often in the range of $3-4 CAD and may include a drink, small appetizer, a main course and a dessert.

This set came with main, drink and a dessert and was under $4CAD

This set came with a main, drink and a dessert and was under $4CAD

Is it the greatest food? Well no, but it can taste pretty decent and is pretty good value. There is quite a bit of variety and can be a good cheap choice if you’re around a mall during the weekday.

This set was ~$4 and had a main, fruit side and a drink

This set was ~$4 and had a main, fruit side and a drink

After learning about the lunch specials, I found out that Malaysia does not mess around with specials. They go all out. I learned that places can have breakfast specials, lunch specials, afternoon tea specials and dinner specials. Maybe even late night special (I haven’t been in malls late enough). You can literally sit there all day just getting specials (I have done this when I was working in Roti-boy).

Usually price ranges are usually as follows:

Breakfast ($1-$2), Lunch ($3-$5), Afternoon Tea ($2-$3), Dinner $4-$6

Check them out if you ever get a chance!


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