Life is a Happiness Project

Back in 2012, my (now) ex girlfriend looked at me and asked me the simplest question: are you happy?

It wasn’t a new question. In fact another ex girlfriend has asked the same question, maybe even in the same tone. And so I thought to myself, and then I answered. I told her I was happy with some parts of my life while I felt like I could work on other areas.

The Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favourite movies  Credit: Columbia Pictures (c)

The Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favourite films
PC: Columbia Pictures (c)

In short, I knew what the real answer was: I was not entirely happy.

I knew that others must have felt the same thing at some point in their life. But what does it mean? What is happiness? What was happiness to me?

If you have ever had the thoughts, “if I only had this” in an area (or areas) of your life, then you would consider yourself “happy”. Then you’re not alone.

If your happiness depends mostly on stuff you have and things you do, then the truth is, you’re not really happy. If you need reasons to be happy, you’re not truly happy.

This may make you think, “well then, hardly anybody is truly happy”. That is probably a fairly fair statement. We live in a world of largely external happiness. This is not to say that you do not experience happiness in other ways and that there are different levels of happiness. Happiness is a simple yet complex matter which controls nearly every aspect of our life.

This is the first entry in an ongoing series of posts that explores happiness, what I’ve learned about it and how it affects our lives. I’m not really planning this out beforehand so I don’t know how long this series will run and I won’t necessarily have a specific direction for the topic. I will not likely say anything new or revolutionary in these posts; just little things I’ve thought about during travels and in-between moments of life.

But I hope this will make you think; that life is a big happiness project, and you are in charge of your own.

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