let’s chill Australia

let’s chill Vancouver will wrap up at the end of this month and the goal is to build a new community in Australia.

But why not keep let’s chill Vancouver going while I restart one in Australia?

The main reason is that I don’t believe the Vancouver entity is strong enough to stand alone without local support (e.g. me being here). I don’t want it to be a dead app simply floating in cyber space. The responses and the willingness for people to join the app did show a desire for something like this, but I also think the execution needs to be re-examined. There are always other apps emerging and some are definitely worth a try.

If I can secure my developer gig, this will definitely give the green light for a let’s chill Australia. But first things first. The code base will likely be completely re-written.

Yes, after all that initial work, I’m re-doing the whole thing? There are two main reasons.

First, the code base is not very good terrible. The technical debt is substantial and I have a better understanding of cleaner code than I did six months ago. Frankly, it’s easier to do a re-write than to refactor and clean it up.

Secondly, I want to overhaul and pivot the way the app functions. I won’t dive into specifics but it’ll address some of the major problems that I noticed during the few months of testing. My personal assessment sees the app moving towards more real-time interactions and diffusing the responsibility of event hosts. Not entirely sure of the technical needs of these features yet but my mind wanders to open web sockets.

I’ve had some people give some great feedback towards the UX aspect and I hope to pull some of those suggestions into the release of v2+.

Of course, depending on the role I land and the people I meet, I’m hoping this can be wrapped into a collaboration project with another developer.

As always, there are lots of questions and things in the air, but I’ll address them as they come.




  1. Excited to see if Let’s Chill Australia gets launched! Of course, even if not, you’ve got a good project that you’ve done on your list 🙂 Send me a postcard? Or maybe a keychain. I collect those.

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