June in review

Work wise. June sucked.

Minimal progress was made on all fronts. I have been pecking away at my app planning and just little bits of other things (study+website work) but it has really not felt like a productive month. My mind is distracted between enjoying my last bit of time here and forcing myself to stay on track. I know I won’t be back in Malaysia anytime soon after this stint.

You will always have distractions in life. Always. And I guess sometimes you won’t always win. This month I lost big time. I already felt myself slipping in May. And it sorta derailed in June. It’s carrying over to July too as the clock ticks away.

Outside of that, I find myself moody and testy. Just a lot going on my mind and not entirely sure how to feel and react to things. I found out one of my good friends is moving away from Vancouver and I even got irritated at that.

I know I will find it easier to refocus as soon as I arrive in Vancouver. I’ll take care of the immediate things but I know there is a need to intensify and figure out a better learning plan. On top of that, I will need to figure out the money situation, get in contact with mentors, developers and lots of other people. There’s lots to be done. It’s exciting and scary.

At the end of the day, we have to find a way to keep moving forward.


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