January in review

January passed in a flurry. I am not sure if it was a good month or not. On the one hand, I actually feel like I’m starting to learn Java and Android. On the other hand, my first app has been a cluster $%^&*() and I haven’t finished the first release. I also stopped working on my WordPress theme (namely because that is just for my blog… and nobody is paying me to write this blog… yet…) because I wanted to dedicate more time to figuring out stuff on Android. That didn’t end up equating to actual progress a lot of the time…

One of the main problems I had was that I was not familiar with the methods to make the app do what I want. I also learned a very valuable lesson: plan out the entire project out with as much detail as possible before starting. If I had done so, I think I would’ve saved a lot of time looking through material that was effectively useless for my app.

On the plus side, there has been an interesting development regarding new opportunities (my last post) for me in Malaysia. I’m meeting the company owner/CEO this week so I should know if there is something to be actually excited about come Wednesday.

Other fun things that have moved forward are the 2 new BSI sites. We have a new design on one of them and I’m starting to plan that out. And since I learned that lesson regarding my first app, I am planning the crap out of this before starting. My Singapore trip was also pretty good so I was happy with that.

These were last month’s goals

By the numbers, I got 2/4 done, which is terrible. I am trying to regroup on my app by getting help from a more experienced Java/app programmer/friend in Malaysia. Hopefully that will help me finish the app in the next week.

Next month’s (February) goals have been slightly tweaked:

  • First release of tester Android app (fingers crossed)
  • Complete the entire Android tutorial set that I have set out
  • Plan out a new website/app idea
  • Plan out BSI 1st site and begin building some of the functional components
  • Spare time: working on my WordPress theme (not very likely but I’ll put it here anyways)


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