How to win

When I sent out a message to form a Rails study group in Vancouver, I received a lot of initial interest. Over 30 people wanted to participate in the group. It was highly unexpected. Because of such an overwhelming response, I changed the format of the group from an intense smaller meetup to a sign-up style study group. I also split people into two smaller groups based on location.

The first week for the study group had a great initial response with eight people signing up for the downtown group. However, only two people showed up that week. The next few weeks had fewer people signing up and only two people showing up. Every week, I was getting a different turn out, which wasn’t what I had in mind.

Someone once told me that showing up is half the battle. Realizing that most people won’t show up means that you can get ahead of many people just by showing up.

In actuality, I was running an experiment: I was seeing who had the desire to show up consistently based on their desire to learn. And since this was on their own free time, I knew that the ones who showed up could be good candidates to approach for collaboration work in the future.

In the end, my experiment was a success and I found two others who were interested in committing to a small tight-knit study group.

In order move forward and win, you have to show up. When you are trying to find people for partnership and collaboration, I think it is a great way to start evaluating people.


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  1. Showing up really is half the battle. It separates those who are dedicated and committed from those who aren’t. Sometimes, it really is all or nothing. Consistent commitment does pay off. 😀

    Thanks for writing and sharing this post. Your posts are always so relevant. 🙂 Keep it up!

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