How to kill a first date quickly

Not in the main scope of my blog, but a fun discussion I was having with a friend prompted me to write this post.

I think when it comes to first dates, there are a few things that can kill the mood on a date really quickly. These are three of mine:

1) Being very late
You only get to make a first impression once and if your first impression is that you cannot be anywhere near on time (barring an emergency happening), you’re not just late, in my opinion, you’ve ruined the date and chances of all future dates. If something (like an emergency) does come up, of course, that is a different situation. And if you do happen to be late, or will be running late, it’s courteous to let them know well in advance and be very apologetic when arriving.

How late would you tolerate? 15 mins? Half an hour? One hour?


2) Using the phone for non date related activities
I understand that mobile phones are used for a lot of things nowadays. But I think that unless you need to look up directions, movie times or something else date related, the phone should not be used in front of your date. If it’s a call you must take, excuse yourself politely and then take the call. Texting your friends, checking Facebook or anything else just shows your date you’re more interested in your phone than him/her. In which case, why bother being there?

Is the phone thing a deal breaker for you?


3) Flaking out on a date
Okay, I guess this happens even before the date. If you happen to cancel and reschedule your plans, I think you have to be genuinely apologetic and make sure the other party knows it was a unique circumstance. Otherwise this goes back to the first impression situation (like being late). It is a matter of courtesy and you should take strong initiatives with rescheduling. Don’t be a flake! If you happen to change your mind and don’t want to go out with the person anymore, just be honest rather than making lame excuses and putting it off.

Once a flake, always a flake?


Are any of these date killers to you? Do you have your own?

Credit: // Don't do it!

Credit: //
Don’t do it!

My honourable mention would go to talking about ex’s on first dates. But I’ve never experienced that one.

Happy dating!



  1. Haha just reading this is making me boil up. Totally agree on your three. I also think that trying too hard to a point where it’s uncomfortable is also horrible for a first date. Chillaxx

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