Grounded Rubyist review

The Grounded Rubyist (second edition) is one of the first ruby books I read from cover to cover. This review is long overdue from last year but I wanted to review some of the books that I have read over the last year. This one in particular, is a great introduction into deeper topics within Ruby that introductory courses like Codecademy wouldn’t cover. I would consider this book a solid start for creating a good foundation in ruby and recommend it to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of ruby.

The book will examine all the typical ruby topics with a good look at the foundations of classes, method lookup and important standard library features. At 536 pages, it is pretty hefty but the first part of the book should be easy for someone who has learned some ruby or knows some programming. The meat of the book lies in the latter half of part 1 and scattered throughout part 2.

If you don’t decide to read this one as your “foundations” book, some other notable mentions include Eloquent Ruby and The Ruby Way. I haven’t read either of these but they seem fairly well received by most readers. For me, I would go with The Ruby Way because it seems to cover some deeper topics like garbage collection, which aren’t covered in The Grounded Rubyist. It has also received a recent revision into a 3rd edition.

My score: 4/5


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