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Despite how it sounds, it’s not a dating website. Founderdating is a website looking to bring together cofounders from both the business side and the technical side. I first came across this site last year when I returned to Vancouver. I intended to use it for networking, but instead I only found headaches.

My experience with Founderdating was unfortunately terrible. Firstly, the site constantly had horrendous load times and hangups during the on-boarding process. When I finally completed my profile and received my endorsements, I was fed up with the hangups. That being said, since my profile was up, I figured most of the hard work was done.

They claim to accept about 34 percent of applicants to keep the “quality of their pool of cofounders high”. It seems more like a marketing ploy to give the impression that the site is more exclusive than it really is. Considering how they handle credit card charges, I would think they would take as many as they can get.

What do I mean?

Well, one of my biggest gripes about the site is that it’s one of those “credit card required for a free trial” sites. They won’t charge you as long as you cancel before the trial ends, but it’s simply a sneaky way to sneak in charges.

To compound the problem was the fact that I inadvertently clicked attending for one of their new member kickoff events. That act alone moves you off the free trial and onto a paid membership. Since there wasn’t a clear way to revert this action, I had to immediately email customer service. After a few back and forths, they said they were looking into it. After several days and no reply, I followed up to check on the status. Their replies were far too slow before they agreed upon handling the refund.

Founderdating: Here’s some basic customer service 101. If you can’t respond within 24 hours, at least send an acknowledgment email with a time frame to expect a response.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the story. No refund was ever issued and after several ignored follow-up emails, I was forced to go directly to MasterCard to dispute the charge. By this time, over three weeks had passed. In the end, my dispute was granted by MasterCard and no response was ever given by Founderdating.

Because of such a poor customer experience, I would never recommend using this site. Their response time was abysmal and they never acted on resolving a simple problem despite saying they would. While I did reach out to some people on the site, if you’re serious about meeting other potential founders, I would still stick to community tech events, gatherings and meetups.

After my experience, I went digging into other people’s experience with the company. A quick look at glassdoor provided a bit of insight. While glassdoor can be a bit of a pissing ground, it seemed to reflect how disorganized they are.


And just for a cherry on top, my credit card was charged again last month (annual charge), even though my account was paused and I asked them to suspend the account from our first correspondence. I was forced to unpause my account and manually cancel it myself. Again, I had to ask for a refund (which they addressed more promptly since I used urgent tones). But even more pathetically, I still lost money from the ordeal because the original charge was in USD and currency exchange must occur to refund me in CAD.

Final verdict: Never again.


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  1. Wow sounds like a nightmare. “Moves you off the free trial and onto a paid membership”… sneaky sneaky

  2. So terrible from a customer experience -_-

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