First weeks back: Progress and hangups

The first week and a half back wasn’t all too eventful. I spent much of my time taking care of stuff on my to do list. Now with that mostly out of the way, I’ve been able to focus my attention to address the question: how am I going to do this in Vancouver?

There are numerous positives that came out of the last week.

Firstly, there was the email that came from Singapore about looking for a CTO and co-founder. We did have a Skype call and I decided it wasn’t a good fit for me.

Secondly, I have just formed a Rails (previously referring to it as RoR) study group which will commence next week. The idea was very well received so I had much more interest than anticipated. I even had to split it into two groups to manage the size. I’ve organized one downtown and one in my own city.

I have approached a friend to do the UI for the app and I’m looking forward to going through the process with her in the coming weeks. I also had someone who I thought might fit the starting marketing bill, but she never replied my message so I haven’t moved on anything there.

I have decided to call the app project: Project Absolut (will refer it as PA from now on). Why? It’s partially Android inspired, but I’m going to use the names of alcohols (and so this one is after Absolut Vodka). And since I don’t know which project will become successful, I will keep going until I find something that hopefully clicks. So it’ll be nice to keep track in a similar way to how Android tracks their OS. I chose alcohol because 1) there is a ton of them and 2) I figure I will need a drink after each project whether it is for a good reason or a bad reason. Yes, my humour.

Going back to the study group thing. I am also starting my co-founder search there. The second place I will be looking is in the Ruby meetup group, and the third place is on an online network I recently joined. This will be probably the toughest thing to find so I’m starting this search right away.

Because of how I’ve planned the coming months, I’m now also on a hunt for a stable part-time job so I can make some money survive. I have weighed the option of trying to intern/work for a web dev company (and in some ways I still am), but it may not be the best option. I don’t have a car at the moment so that puts me in a bit of a transportation pickle. I’m trying to find something in my own city but that limits my options. Getting a car and insurance is something that would be a big hit though and for a part-time job, I would prefer not to go that route right now. On top of that, part-time jobs are much more limited than full-time jobs. If I take a full-time job, I know my progress above will be hindered a lot. So for my job and money situation, I’m in a bit of an awkward situation.

If you have any job ideas or part-time openings that you know of, feel free to let me know. Working at myBurgerlab is not an option unfortunately.