February in review

February was an unexpected month. Pretty much as soon as I finished writing my January in review post, a bunch of things changed.

I had to put Android on the back-burner as my BSI work developed an expedited timeline for the website. The opportunity to work with a local Malaysian company (Tandemic) on a web app also developed and we’re now assembling the components needed to submit a Professional Visitor’s Pass for me.

This also put improving my php at the forefront (for BSI) so I had to revise my to-do list for the month entirely. I also spent two weeks burning through a Ruby on Rails course so I can start working on the CRM application (Tandemic). I made a separate projects page to keep track of my current projects and things I’m learning here.

I’m excited for the new opportunities that have come up especially if my permit is approved. It’s a short-term pass which will allow me to stay until the fall but we will look at how things develop to see if we will renew it or apply for something else. There are interesting project details that I’ll talk about next month after I start working on the app next week.

This month is rarely straight forward I think.

  • Continue learning Ruby on Rails (RoR) beyond the introductory course
  • Start helping out on the CRM application with Tandemic
  • Build site functionality for new BSI site
  • Spare time: continue learning Android / playing with apps


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