Facing mortality

It’s been a turbulent few weeks and I haven’t had many days where I have been very productive. It turned out getting to beta didn’t really take anything off my plate. It probably feels a bit heavier if anything.

In the back of my mind, my mind has been distracted by some recent news: my grandma is not well.

At 106 years old, my grandma has lived a titan of a life, but that doesn’t make it any easier, especially since she has always been so well. How well? Well, it’s only been in recent years that she has started using her walker. Make no mistake about it, my grandma is a beast.


105th Birthday

When she passes away, she will be the first immediate family member that I have lost. When it comes to our ties, I wouldn’t say I was close to my grandma, but as I grew up, I learned to appreciate her, unlike my brattier child days.

It’s never easy to deal with loss and knowing that something might happen soon will make the next few weeks very uneasy. Tomorrow I’m presenting at Product Hunt Vancouver and while she will have no idea of her impact, I know that her support has made my life possible.

An older piece by me to wrap up my restless mind.

“It is the circumstances that we cannot control

that keep us humble in our life…

That tomorrow is not a given,

that those you care about will not be around forever.

We are privileged to walk the avenue of life.

Remember that you only get to walk it once.”



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  1. Read this post quite a bit late.
    You’re lucky I suppose in a way where she’s the first immediate family member you will lose. At 20, I had no more grandparents to call my own.
    Hoping you and your family all the best!

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