Extended thank yous

As I stated, I wanted to dedicate a post to thank everyone who has helped me over the last year and a half as I’ve gone down this new path in life wandered like a confused little child. Without your help, I would not have been successful in this journey. It is as they say, “we stand on the shoulder of giants.”

First, I want to thank my family for their amazing support.

Mom, dad, my sister and my new brother, Brandon: You provide continual support in all ways possible: emotional, physical and financial. You gave me freedom to explore my own path even though at times it seems like I have no idea what I’m doing. It simply would not be possible without your love and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Second, I want to thank these individuals for their support in helping me learn and explore technology/web development over the past year.

Baadier – Thank you for getting me started with Baadier overflow. While you’re clearly in stack overflow mode right now, I appreciate the time you took to help me troubleshoot my questions/problems when I first started.

Nurman – Thank you for the encouragement (especially the CS reference you left me) and being a sounding board to talk “tech stuff” during my time in Malaysia.

Chris (NY) – He’ll never read this but he helped me a lot while I was learning Rails, Neo4J and building let’s chill v1. I’m forever grateful for his help. Thank you.

Gabe – Thank you for continually hosting ruby dev nights and helping me with my problems/questions/anything else. You always answer most of the question and then say “I don’t know”. I think that’s your favourite filler sentence.

Steve – Thank you for all the debugging help during ruby dev nights/slack sessions. You were the king of persistent when it came to solving problems/bugs. Totally awesome!

Next, I want to thank everyone who was involved with let’s chill in any capacity.

Janelle – Thank you for taking all the time that you did to work on everything from UI, design, features, business cards and so much more. Also thanks for taking time for meetings, and chats about all things in-between as we tried to go from concept to a real life app. Should you make it possible, there is an Australian Open ticket with your name on it waiting for you in Melbourne.

Terri – Thank you for helping with the picture guides and for your input/advice on the layout/feel of the site. Oddly, these contributions became very important during my Australia interviews!

Mallory – Thank you for helping host some of the let’s chill events and for helping with some of the public outreach on the project.

Erek – Thank you for helping host some of the let’s chill events and for always being overly encouraging even when I don’t deserve it.

Shaf – Thank you for helping host a let’s chill event and for helping me test out promotion techniques during the pre-launch stage of the project.

Olisa – Thank you for helping host a let’s chill event and for being an avid supporter of the whole idea.

Eric – Thank you for helping host a let’s chill event and being one of the awesome people who I met through my own app.

Victor – Thank you for providing invaluable feedback on the app (even when I was winding it down here) and for being another awesome person I met on the app!

The people who helped share my pre-beta and post beta blurbs truly made my dream come true and I want to thank everyone who helped me do a Facebook/twitter share. This is largely in alphabetical order and I really hope I don’t miss anyone.

Thank you to…

Albert, Alvin B, Alvin L, Andy, Annie, Beatrice, Blessy, Brady, Brandon, Camille, Carey, Carmen, Cecilia, Chris, Christine, Christopher C,David, Doug, Deanna, Devika, Ed, Elaine Law, Elaine Lin, Elise, Elliot, Emily, Erica, Felix, Frank, Gary, Herb, Isabelle, Jackie, Jan, Janelle, Janice L, Janice S, Janille, Jason, Jeffrey, Jenn L, Jon, Joy, Julian, Justin, Karen, Kelly, Kevin T, Liz, Mallory, Mandy, Marc, Marko, Meghan, Michael, Michelle L, Michelle S, Ming, Monika, Natalie, Olisa, Pearl, Scott, Serena, Shaf, Shayan, Sophia, Stanley, Stephanie W, Steve, Sukh, Susan, Sylvia, Tayler, Terri, Theo, Trevor, Tristan, Vivian T, Vivian F, Winnie, Yik, Yushadha, Yvonne.

Lastly these people don’t entirely belong in a specific group but thank you for the continual support and for staying in close contact.

Stella – Thank you for little words of encouragement from many miles away.

Daryl – Considering the context of how I knew you and for how long I knew you, I never told you how encouraging your birthday note was and how it helped inspire me to keep going. Thank you.

Crystal – Thank you for the encouragement and the mockery. Sometimes it’s like I’m talking to myself.

CodeCore – Thank you for giving me a place to hang out at least once a week and mingle with other developers from the months of September to April.

Hong Kong Family – Thank you for keeping me afloat during my time in Hong Kong and for all the generosity that you always show me when I’m in your city.


I’m sorry if I missed anyone who should be on this list! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Did I mention… thank you?

I’m forever grateful and look forward to this new adventure!


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