Christmas in KL

This is my first Christmas away from home. It kinda sucks. I can easily glaze over any other holiday but not Christmas.

Christmas has always been about being around family for me. In fact, I’ve never spent a Christmas day not being around my family. I remember when I was a kid and how I would wake up so excited to look in my stocking. My stocking would hang at the end of my bed, so I didn’t even need to go downstairs. I would dump the contents on my bed and go through them happily several times. I remember little Lego sets, chocolates, and other little goodies.

My kinda family Christmas

Christmas with the Lams

By the time I left high school, Christmas was changing for me. I was putting more value in the time spent with loved ones. I stopped asking or wanting gifts by then. I feel Christmas and society has become far too materialistic and there are better ways to give your time and money. It’s not hard to see what you value when you’re away from home.

If I could be one place this Christmas, it would no doubt be home. Of course, I had this option when I booked my flight. I could’ve waited till the new year to make the move. But delaying what you need to do is a bad habit. I needed to wrap up my business in Vancouver and get going; not wait until life was convenient to start something.

With the hot weather, foreign environment and lack of Christmas decorations, it definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas this year. In general, it’s not a very celebrated holiday here. I think on Christmas eve we’re going to the beach to have a bonfire. That’ll certainly be a first for me. Back home, it snowed yesterday and people are now hoping for a white Christmas. If there is a white Christmas the first year I’m away, I’m going to be very pissed!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I hope you remember what’s important in life during this time and to give more of yourself rather than just more “stuff”.

Merry Christmas.



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