Awkward work days

The internet has been out in my apartment for five days now. It’s still out now actually. I’m posting this while hanging out at the IMU (university) student lounge. I wouldn’t mind it so much if I was just doing some basic website edits but I have needed to do a lot of referencing for my other work. So an interruption in internet has hampered my ability to do work these past few days. The first day I did as much as I could before I wrote the day off. But like any obstacle, you can’t just give up when things aren’t ideal.

The next day, the internet was still down so I went to the pool area where they have WiFi. I always thought this would be a nice thing to do: work by the pool. You know… get some fresh air? Have a view? It turns out sitting in the pool chair just gives you eye strain from the glare. Not glamorous.

Better view. Not so good practicality

Better view. Not so good practicality

The second day I moved to the table and chair. Actually it’s more like a table and bench. This would’ve worked as a good substitute if the bench was not so awkwardly far from the table. Both are bolted down so there was no moving them.

And so that’s how I “worked” for the past few days. Productivity was very low and my work hours became 9am to about 6pm. Because there is no place to charge my laptop, I had to go back every 1.5 hours to charge my battery. Then after an hour or so, I can come back. Needless to say it isn’t very efficient.

Of course, timing had it that I actually had to get some of my paid work done during those days.

I know that I’ll remember these awkward work days when I have a nice comfy office space!