August in review

It’s been a fun month.

The first few weeks, I was looking at options and just trying to feel like I was mentally in Vancouver again.

The last two weeks of August has been a series of unexpected events. It first started with my Rails study group that received a lot of response from the VanRuby meetup group. I organized two groups (one downtown and one in my city) meeting on separate days.

I wouldn’t say it’s been a rousing success but it will be nice if something comes from it. I have a few people showing up for each session but they have been different people each time so far. I want to see if I get any regulars attending regularly

After I organized the study group, CodeCore, a Vancouver based coding boot camp, invited me to use their space for the study group. What a surprise and a big thanks to them for the gesture!

From there, I’ve started meeting some of the regular developers/teachers that hang around there. I don’t expect to be a key contributor yet but it’s been good to meet people from the community and network. I also submitted my resume to CodeCore and we’re talking about work opportunities.

Absolut is making some progress as well. I’m digging into UI/UX with a friend and we will likely be meeting weekly to push that along. It’s really fun stuff and I’m really excited to be working on it even if it might not come of anything.

Looking forward to a fun September! Here’s some things I want to progress in and knock off

  • Finish reading “lean” book
  • Continued UI/UX building/learning
  • Get a paying job
  • Start building in rails!
  • Keep learning & studying rails



  1. This is inspiring me to set monthly goals. But it’s amazing to hear all the strides you’re making with your life, especially successfully getting individuals together to just code! A coding party sounds pretty cool if you ask me 🙂

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