Arvixe: Web Hosting Review for WordPress

This is a quick review of the web host I’ve been using these past 4 months.

Before moving ahead with getting a domain and web host, I dug around to see what others had been using. After a fair amount of searching, I settled on Arvixe which seemed to have a good balance on the big 3: price, quality and support. I think with all reviews you will always have negative issues but my big thing was: what type of problems do users have, and how quickly did they get them fixed?

It seemed that most users were able to solve their problems quickly and downtime seemed rare. For myself, I have seen the site go down twice. Only once was for a slightly longer period (less than 1 hour due to a server issue). For a casual blog, I’ve been OK with that. The support team has been quick to reply to any questions/issues and always very friendly. Nothing bad to say there. Setup was a breeze and the only additional steps were sending in verified identification to set up the account (don’t forget to do that right away)

While I can’t compare with other web hosts I can say I’ve been happy with it to-date. If you considering a WordPress in the future, consider Arvixe for sure. The unsuccessful student recommends it! 🙂 . If this ever changes, I’ll post an updated review and yank this review.

Here’s a link to their services if you are looking for a WordPress host (or click the banner below)

[The other host that was under final consideration was “A Small Orange”, but they are a quite a bit more per month and don’t come with a free domain for life (Arvixe does and it’s ~$10 value). I have read good things about them though.]



  1. Haha wish I saw this earlier.. well I guess what I just bought wasn’t a wordpress site, but still.

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