April in review

What can I say of April? What a month! Overall a decent work month. I made an error in last month’s review saying that March was the last month for the BSI site. April is actually the last major month. May is mainly editing and fine tuning. April was also the first month our area experienced water cuts. This meant that we would have two days with water and two days without water. Luckily our condo saves water in its tank so we get a few hours of water each day. I definitely do not think I take water for granted but this helps me appreciate that I’ve never had to do this in Vancouver. The water cuts have since ended up the area as of May 1st. Wahoo!

So the last two months (and April in particular) I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with dealing with markup, layouts, and styling. The project has helped with my front-end development skills a lot and I feel that the next site will go a lot smoother (projected July start). I can already see how web development work can get boring pretty quickly. I want to shift focus to more back-end as I get more RoR time. This is where the real power comes in.

The end of the month was filled with less productivity as I spent 10 days in Hong Kong on a visa run. I did manage to gain almost 5lbs in 10 days though. Is that an accomplishment for the month? Maybe! And as many people have learned, my return to Malaysia did not go so smoothly. That being said, I need to re-group and figure out how to move forward. I definitely felt the blues kick in a bit for the week following and I’m trying to get things back to routine now. I still have to sort out my final month’s stay, flights back home (maybe a visit to my friend/side trip) and figure out what the hell I’m going to do back home.

I’ve also feel like my attention span for learning has slowed. In other words, I can’t seem to get much studying for programming in. I need a new way to tackle this. I am thinking of switching to shorter hour blocks and taking more breaks. This would probably work better in Vancouver…

While stressing out about such things, I will be trying to move forward with this agenda for the month

  • Continue RoR learning (it’s been slow)
  • Validate app idea for North America possibilities
  • Edits for BSI site, live at end of month
  • Spare time: continue learning Android / playing with apps


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