Apparently Christmas is around the corner

It’s been a hectic two months since development started on let’s chill. I’m taking a few moments to dump some thoughts before I move onto today’s work load. This past weekend, I had a milestone day as a group of my friends did a first round of testing on the alpha version of the site. Most of the issues have been fixed since Sunday but regardless, the to-do list between now and Christmas feels is as long as my arm.

Ah yes, Christmas is around the corner and along with that, so is New Years Eve. A year ago, I was in a brand new environment in Malaysia and this year, I don’t even know when Christmas and New Years is. To put it simply, I haven’t had a moment to think of anything related to Christmas or New Years.

I remember when I first wrote a post about first impressions on entrepreneurship. I was making certain assumptions based on what I knew and what I’ve had people tell me. And I can say that they are most certainly right. When I think of the hundreds of hours I’ve already poured into this project and all the hours still needed, only to reach a prototype, it’s astonishing. This isn’t paid work folks. Obviously, I’ve spent a lot of time learning rails, getting stuck and doing everything I can to push the project forward.

And what can I say? It’s been a lot of fun to get to this point. And even before the project is released into the wild, I can say it is already a success.

Why? What if it fails? What if nobody uses it?

It actually doesn’t matter. This project is built off the same philosophies I used to build this blog, and of course, my life.

learn. explore. create.

That is exactly what let’s chill is about.

I wanted to know if I could become capable of turning an idea into a reality. I wanted to know if I could go from knowing nothing about how to code to building my own piece of technology. And in two weeks, I will have done exactly that.

I’ve learned immensely and it’s been lots of fun (despite bashing my head against the wall during some bug fixes). It’s already opened new doors for me even before finishing the project.

I want to say a quick thanks to everyone that has helped me along on this project. In particular, I want to give some front and centre attention to my friend Janelle who has been my soundboard, and designer ever since this project was first discussed. This project wouldn’t have been possible without her. Also a quick thanks to my family, my Malaysian friends, Chris from NY, Erek and to everyone that has helped me share letschill so far.

So what’s next?

It’s already been a ton of fun.

Let’s see how much more fun I can have with it.

(To be continued another day…)


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