Topics & Categories (aka Stuff I write about)

Learn: If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Never stop learning.

Explore: Probably my most candid section. I will talk about things like life abroad, travel and other things I like to explore. Life is a thrilling adventure or nothing at all.

Create: If I’m working on a project that I’m looking to share, you will find information about it here. Here, I will openly talk about my successes, failures and struggles as someone finding his path in life. You can expect posts about entrepreneurship, business, and fun things I like to make.

Technology: This is a new section that covers random technology interests of mine. You might find things such as reviews on technology books, programming posts, and thoughts/tips on various technology related topics.

CollaborationI’m always looking to connect with creative and passionate people. If you’re a developer or a business person who likes my approach, check out this section.

About: About me and this site. Self explanatory I hope.

Current Projects: Current active projects and areas of interest that I’m interested in exploring.

Contact Me: Have a question or want to share something? Find my contact information here.


– Last updated June 2015


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