A day in the life of… me?

When I chat with people from Vancouver, I’ve often been asked if I’ve met a lot of people or how the food is. I think my friends think my life is more exciting than it actually is. I can’t say I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve met some people and it’s mainly through Couch Surfing. I do not eat out often and I only go out every once in a while right now. And I really mean every once in a while.

It seems like people are surprised to hear this because I am in Malaysia afterall! I rated Malaysia as my favourite food destination; what the hell am I doing not eating out all the time?

Well, the simplest answer is, I am not travelling nor am I on vacation here, despite my friend remarking to me that I’m on a working holiday. I am very much not on a holiday. I watch my expenses closely and eating out is still a quick way to drain your wallet and health. I came here with a purpose: not to party all the time.

So what’s a typical day for me?

Depending on when I slept the previous night, I usually wake up between 8am-8:30am (although now I’m pushing my days earlier). I play some online poker, have breakfast, check all my accounts and then start my day at about 10am or so. I usually write out the outline of my day a few days in advance. So if it’s Wednesday, I’ve usually outlined my general to do list for Thursday and Friday.

Most of my day is rotating between different projects/areas of study. I will spend a few hours on something (e.g. working through a tutorial) while taking occasional breaks and then move onto another project (like some of my paid work). These past 2 months, I’ve spent a lot of time reading and analyzing code logic or how to do something. I make lunch and dinner at the appropriate times and that about sums up my day.

One of my work spaces in my first apartment

One of my work spaces in my first apartment

I enjoy doing all the “life stuff” like laundry, getting groceries etc. as I find simple pleasure in doing these chores. People watching at the KLCC and watching the afternoon shower are also among the top random things I enjoy doing in KL. While I technically do not have a real schedule right now in terms of deadlines, I’ve mapped out monthly goals that I work towards and I check on them regularly to look at my progress.

Another thing about my schedule is that I don’t have a weekend. The days blend together like when you’re traveling. I spend time doing work related stuff everyday (for most of the day). I control my own time and I can take my breaks whenever I want. If I want to play badminton for 2 hours for a break, I go do that, then I come back to work.

After spending many years having a weekend and a set schedule, I have found that this type of work schedule gives me a good sense of freedom. I honestly can’t imagine working again on someone else’s clock.

It’s funny. It sounds pretty unexciting but yet I wake up everyday excited at what I get to work on/learn next. I consider that pretty lucky. I know not everyone gets this choice.