5 things I love about Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the those cities that will never be known for being overly exciting. However, if you stay awhile, you’ll see that the city is named one of the most livable cities in the world for a reason. I did a similar list for Kuala Lumpur, but here’s my current top five things that I love about Melbourne.

1. It’s a city with soul

Melbourne is one of those cities that has soul. Art Not every city does. I would argue that much of it comes from its charming artsy vibe, but others may feel differently. From the endless graffiti to the non stop buskers that you’ll encounter, its personality shines through its appreciation for culture, arts and sports. As a tourist you will notice the highlighted museums, shows, concerts and musicals, but as someone living there, you will know this is the soul of Melbourne.


2. Weather

Melbourne weatherYes, I am putting weather on this list. Such a Vancouverite. Melbourne weather is known to be a bit crazy. It’s a tough place to dress appropriately because there are many days that give you a taste of all four seasons in a day, and sometimes within hours. Nonetheless, coming from Raincouver, it is refreshing not to see constant clouds and rain during the months of November onwards until June. While you do get rainy days, they are frequently broken up with clear sunny days (even in the Winter!).


3. People
Friends of MelbourneWhile Canadians may be more polite, I’m going to give the nod to people being more friendly in Melbourne than my home town. This probably shouldn’t be considered the standard across the country since cities are so diverse in both countries. On the unfortunate side, you will likely find Australia to be more racist than Canada, though not in all parts of the country.


4. Growing Tech Scene
Tech The Melbourne scene still feels young but it is a growing up with lots of exciting companies coming out of the city. While not wildly known as a tech city, Melbourne and Sydney are without a doubt the centres of attention for technology growth in Australia. The cities attract a slightly different vibe for companies but both are churning out promising startups and expanding mid size companies.



5. Local AustraliaAustralian Made

Not since I was with South Africa have I seen so much “buy local” publicity. It’s fantastic to see that Australia truly promotes “proudly Australian” and keeps much of its dollar in the country by doing so. While not really a Melbourne thing, I’m a huge fan of the promoting local economy and Australia really makes an effort to do it right. It’s most noticeable in the supermarkets but you can find a lot of Australian goods outside of food in sectors such as furniture to clothing.



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  1. Haha no more Raincouver for you! Gosh Australia sounds pretty great. And it also sounds like you’re becoming a hipster :’D

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