5 things I love about Kuala Lumpur

There are some things you just love about a place when you’re there and you know it right away. This is my short list for things I love about KL. This is in no specific order despite the numbers.


Now that's a tower!

Now that’s a tower!

1. Sitting in front of the Petronas Towers
This is actually my favourite man-made structure in SE Asia. During the day, I like sitting in the park area, reading and people watching. Lots of tourists (and just people in general) will come through the area as it is the iconic attraction in KL. However, the towers time to shine would be at night. When I look up at them , they are truly a spectacle. I don’t really need something to do as just being around that area is pretty magical to me.


The average shower is usually less than an hour

The average shower is usually less than an hour

2. Watching the (afternoon) thunder shower
I remember when people were really excited in Vancouver when we had a thunder-storm this past summer. Yeah we don’t get those often. But here, it’s a common occurrence with the forecast always stating “chance of thunder showers”. And when it does, sometimes I like to stand on my balcony and watch it roll by. They are usually short and very intense and it’s quite a sight if you enjoy the simple things of life.



Air Asia

An Air Asia sale price can be so low it’s almost unfair.

3. It’s a travel hub
This is one really great thing about KL. It’s a travel hub to a ton of places in Asia. It’s one of the reasons I strategically chose KL. Air Asia is based here and they frequently have sales. I use it for my visa runs, which in the future may become mini traveling breaks for me. There are also a plethora of eating havens a bus ride away (e.g. Penang, Malacca etc.). It’s not the most international travel hub, but it’s the best one in SE Asia.


Malaysian lunch specials: ridiculous value by Canadian standards

Malaysian lunch specials:
ridiculous value by Canadian standards

4. The food
This was obviously going to be on the list. I haven’t eaten out that much while I’ve been here, but the first time I came to Malaysia, I was eating everything in sight. Even so, I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. When you come here, we can definitely go explore some more. Being in a different country, even food court food looks alluring sometimes. And let’s not forget the weekday specials. Oh my gosh, that will deserve a separate post in itself.


I don't have a picture of the chilli sauce so here's a picture of McDonalds

I don’t have a picture of the chilli sauce so here’s a picture of McDonald’s. It’s the overall cheapest place in Asia for McDonald’s by the way.

5. Just being here
I was tempted to put McDonald’s chilli sauce on here because that sauce is awesome (c’mon, you know it’s awesome!) but I am going to put “just being here” as #5. In particular for the ex-pat, KL is a chill place. There is something about this place that I like. Some may think it’s just another city, but I don’t. I don’t have a particularly positive memory that makes me like it so much. In fact, it’s quite neutral. I like doing things like wandering the streets of the city centre and grabbing my hawker stand lunch. I like the cooling wind that blows through the city in the evening; that nice summer feeling one would get on a Vancouver summer’s night. I just like being here.



  1. McD chilli sauce is the best!! 😀
    You may try the garlic chilli sauce when you are in Singapore later.. but i still prefer Malaysia’s!! 😛

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