5 things I hate about Kuala Lumpur

Last time I covered the five things I love about Kuala Lumpur. It’s only fair I cover the five things I hate. Many of these things are not exclusive to KL (some are more towards the SE Asia region). Don’t get all over-dramatic, I don’t hate Malaysia.

Photo Credit: http://www.malaysia-today.net/

PC: http://www.malaysia-today.net/

1. The corruption

The first time I came to Malaysia, it was actually pretty easy to overlook this area. Hanging around a little longer and you’ll quickly get exposed to it. It runs deep and it can be a tough thing to swallow especially if you tend to have unyielding principles. It’s not exactly a well-kept secret and it influences everything from politics to the effectiveness of the police. Yeah I hate it and can be pretty powerless against it; a terrible feeling.



A need for education, infrastructure and a general cultural change

A real need for cultural change…

2. The plastic

The overkill of plastic is just sickening. Even when you want to avoid it sometimes, you can’t. An example is when I was trying to bring in some plastic bags to re-use for groceries. The security guard at the front of the store stopped me and said I couldn’t bring them in, even when I had done so numerous times in the past. It didn’t even make sense. Saturdays are a day where they charge for plastic bags so people can bring bags in, but other days you can’t?. What-the-eff?

The disregard for trash will drive this place to the ground unless people start paying attention to the environment here. Yeah, this is one thing I truly hate.


Photo Credit: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/pests-weeds/insects/qff

PC: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/pests-weeds/insects/qff

3. Ants/Fruit flies/Mosquitoes

Take your pick. I don’t like any of them. Any open food must be kept in containers or else the ants will come find it. The fruit flies come quicker here than the rain comes in Vancouver . And these are like the fruit flies from hell. I’ve tried to use fruit fly traps which have always worked at home, but no, not on these hell flies. Somehow they are resistant to the trap. Yes, these fruit flies can defy science. The mosquitoes are pretty annoying on the lower floors of apartments (where I stay). I would recommend trying to stay above the 15th floor to be on the safer side if you ever rent a place here. And as they are SE Asia mosquitoes, they love foreigner blood.


Some example of Singlish

Some examples of Singlish

4. The Malaysian English accent

I still haven’t wrapped my head around the way Malaysians (mainly Chinese-Malaysians) speak English. For me, it’s definitely not a pleasant accent. Sorry! It’s sort of like Singlish, which is equally unpleasant for me. There are varying degrees of the accent/words they use and some people take it to the extreme level. They also mix their languages a lot and it can be hard when one of your languages is weak (mine would be Cantonese). They will mix it all together as they speak and It becomes a blender of confusion for me. That being said, after being here a few months, even in my head I have started to add the extra lah’s to sentences. Oh no… that’s not good.


5. The air

I don’t actually hate the air, but apparently my sinus does. I get the sniffles a lot here even though I’m not sick. It’s not exactly allergies either. I think my body was just spoiled by the lovely Vancouver air that we have and now it doesn’t like the air here.



  1. This is so true! The fruit flies suck (even on the 30th floor). The plastic bag situation here pathetic!! I can hand someone plastic bags and they push them aside and use new ones. And then they just throw garbage everywhere which has made the rat situation 4x the human population. It’s out of control here. And don’t forget the traffic situation. OH, and the disrespect for pedestrians – people parking their cars on the sidewalk forcing us out into the streets where drivers will MOW YOU DOWN. It’s an uncivilized place.

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