5 reasons you shouldn’t move to Melbourne

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Melbourne has been one of the most liveable cities in the world for quite some time and only recently losing their crown in 2018. With a load of other “liveable” cities in Australia, is the hipster city of Melbourne all it’s made up to be?

Maybe not. Here’s my 5 reasons why you shouldn’t move to Melbourne and consider another Australian city.

  1. When you think of Australia, you’re probably thinking of beautiful beaches and the great Outback. Most of us don’t expect to be living in the Outback but living by gorgeous beaches is as good as it sounds. Unfortunately unless you live well outside Melbourne, you’re quite far from a good beach. Compare that to the likes of Perth or Sydney where nice beaches are at your doorstop, it’s a good reason to consider another (coastal) city.
  2. The running joke about Melbourne is that it is a city of four seasons. That is, four seasons in one day. And unfortunately it’s not unreasonable to find yourself in that situation. With colder winters than Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney along with more rain, you’ll definitely find more sunny days in the other big Aussie cities.
  3. The two cities that people are most familiar with are Sydney and Melbourne. Out of the two, one has a lot more to see and do, and that is Sydney. With iconic sights like the Opera House, Bondi beach and Darling harbour, Sydney has a bit of everything for everyone. What can be said about Melbourne’s sights? Honestly, not much.
  4. Similarly to point #1, if you’re looking for nature, Sydney’s closer proximity to more parks and a direct connection to the Blue Mountains is a better choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Places like Perth have endless coast and plenty of beautiful places to hike and explore. Even Darwin has more renowned national parks like Kakadu National Park.
  5. With its rise in prominence, Melbourne is getting crowded and struggling to increase to keep pace with its infrastructure. These days , its transportation network is overloaded and frequently delayed. Crowded streets, transportation and social venues isn’t the best recipe for the most liveable city. Frankly, it’s not what it used to be. Don’t worry! Lots of other cities like Hobart, Perth and Brisbane are still booming with plenty of space!

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most famous cities and it’s been in the spotlight as the most liveable city for many years. But if you’re looking to move somewhere in Australia, it’s time to look elsewhere. From what I can see, its best days may be behind it.


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