40 things only Fruitshackers understand

  1. 30 minutes = McDonald’s cone
  2. Fucken fruit picking ladders
  3. You start a new farm job and you don’t mind it for the first bit, but by the end of the day, you want a different one.
  4. The first time you saw Mr. Oreo, you thought he was the biggest cat on the farm
  5. Grocery shopping gives you a rush
  6. Aldi is best for the indecisive
  7. Celine’s laugh is magical
  8. The 2016 grape harvesters were the fastest on record
  9. The left stove is dangerous, especially the bottom right one
  10. You couldn’t understand David at all when you first met him
  11. Three months later and you still have moments where you have no idea what he is saying
  12. There is a strong debate about which one is the “shit shower”
  13. 4 blankets is the minimum number of blankets you should have during winter
  14. It’s almost always way too hot or way too cold
  15. After cleaning, the kitchen is clean until the next meal
  16. Michael takes forever to prep the 88 days book and rent, but when you have to sign a few days, he tells you to hurry up and that he doesn’t have all night
  17. Ginger #2 won’t stop trying to sneak into the kitchen/relax room
  18. There is never enough room in the fridge regardless of the number of people
  19. There is only one good spot to sit in the kitchen on a hot day
  20. Michael frequently appears out of nowhere
  21. The Wi-Fi isn’t much faster even if you’re the only one on it
  22. “Last buckets” is music to your ears
  23. If you buy smoked salmon, you are a baller
  24. The cat man is legendary
  25. You hate Michael taking photos, but love it when you see them after
  26. The relax room is the easiest to clean
  27. The fridge loves to freeze things
  28. You’re either fond of Gremlin or think he is a pain in the ass
  29. “Cut below the knees” is a smash hit by Max
  30. Debbie’s cookies are the best
  31. The washing machine lies
  32. On average, only 2 people make it to the end of movies on movie nights
  33. “That’s a cunt of a weed”
  34. You thought Vanessa was Australian
  35. Annika is Gremlin’s mom
  36. When you’re working, you want a day off. When you have a day off, you want to work
  37. You click an orange
  38. It’s strange when you don’t see Michael in his red shirt
  39. Michael is a drama queen king
  40. Bathroom is shit. Kitchen is shit. Relax room is shit. But there is no other place you would rather do your farm days

The legendary Fruitshack



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