10 things I learned from working on let’s chill

It’s been tough to concentrate with everything going on these past few weeks. It’s made me really restless.

But writing always helps soothe my soul. Besides learning the basics of taking an application from concept to deployment, I learned a lot about myself and it reenforced other concepts I’ve learned in the past. So here we go, in no particular order.

1. I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about web development

Technology is a fantastic tool and a medium that can have an extraordinary impact on people. The process of building the application drives me far more than the technology itself.

2. Everyone has an opinion, your number 1 job is to listen and try to take the best course of action

I can write a whole post regarding my views on entrepreneurship, but I do feel your #1 job  is to listen and always strive to learn. I believe you should operate in this order 1) Listen 2) Learn 3) Test it with an action. You shouldn’t act on every suggestion or criticism, but you should explore all types of feedback that you receive.

3. Never take anything too positively or too negatively

In my opinion, staying even keel is very important. Your friend’s opinions will usually have more positive bias so it’s important never to weigh that strongly. Always try to understand the why behind everything. Learning why someone doesn’t want to use your product can be as useful as learning why someone does want to use it.

4. You must always design for stupidity

Even when things seem to be “obvious”, never assume that it is obvious to your users. When in doubt, it’s best to be explicit first, and then learn if you can scale it back.

5. Be humble during the process

I’m always flattered when people actually sign up for the app. I know the app is far from perfect in all aspects so the fact that some people have actually used it is amazing. People often think that as the founder, you believe that the idea is awesome and you think you’re going to hit the moon. In actuality, I’m flattered that more than 10 people signed up.

6. I have no idea what’s going on

Generally when I think about developing let’s chill (business wise or development wise), I feel like everything is out of control and that I am a headless chicken. It’s different from “being busy” or just having a lot of things on your plate. I can’t explain this feeling. You just have to go through the experience yourself.

7. You’re the centre of attention whether you want to be or not

I probably don’t relish this part of the gig, but it comes with the territory. You’re the lead in everything so get used to talking about it in all sorts of situations, from 1 on 1’s to large groups.

8. Embrace the mentality of ABC (always be closing)

I never consider myself selling the app. I love to talk about it and see if it peaks people’s interest. My job is not to sell it, but to let people know about it and find those that are interested in using it.

9. You don’t need to be smart

Whether as an “entrepreneur” or “developer”, I probably want to be remembered for being gutsy rather than smart or talented. Either way, you don’t need to be smart to develop an application.

10. You build for your customers

It’s an amazing feeling when someone tells you “this is exactly what they’ve been looking for”. You build for people.


Working on this project helped reenforce concepts of entrepreneurship, team building, and why I want to be apart of growing a business. At the end of the day, I like to think I have a chance to help the world in a bigger way. That to me is entrepreneurship. That to me is what drives me to learn, explore and create.


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