Why read?

I didn’t want this to be just another blog. So what’s different?

Well sometimes reading other successful people’s blogs, articles or whatever they write, can provide valuable insight on their thinking. They can also help teach others how they did something.

But when they’ve gone through the entire process, sometimes when they reflect and write on it, it can be hard to relate to the information. Even if you can, you may struggle to know what to do with it. In particular, I’ve seen a lot of websites that talk about everything from positive thinking to “how to make money with your passion”. But all of them seem to deliver the same message. You know those “I was struggling for years and now I’m a zillionaire” websites. Yeah those.

I wanted to start this project to write honestly about my successes, challenges and failures about pursuing your curiosities. As I am just starting, this is literally from the ground up. I am hoping that by sharing my experience and ideas, this can help others find their footing in life as well.

If you’ve ever wondered any of the following:

if you’re doing the right thing;

if you’re actually happy;

if you’re confused in what you’re doing…

then I hope I can give you something to think about. For everyone else, I hope I can give you something worthwhile as well. If nothing else, entertainment value.

I created this web project mostly for fun. It’s the first time I’ve attached myself publicly to a blog/website in many years. For those that have read my blogs before, I plan to write this in a different style from my other blogs.

This project is NOT about motivational rah rah or personal improvement through “tips”. I’m hoping most of the material will be relatable in a “life sense” whether you are in my line of work or not. For more details on the type of things I will be writing about, check out my about section here. For how you can help me grow, see here.

I once wrote down a core purpose in life: to be an agent of change and to show that ordinary to extraordinary is possible.

I want to show you that you can do ordinary things that can create an extraordinary impact. In my opinion, that is an extraordinary life.

So let’s begin.


– Last updated June 2015