What do I do?

In 2013, I moved away from my home town Vancouver, Canada to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to explore possibilities in web development and entrepreneurship.

This decision was based on two major factors:

  1. I wanted to try living somewhere else in the world
  2. I wanted to explore the possibility of starting a business in technology


While traveling I came up with many technology related ideas, but I knew nothing about programming or technology. Nonetheless, I was curious to learn and hungry to explore. My time in Malaysia was cut short due to visa issues, but my time abroad helped refine my game plan and gave me even more inspirations to keep progressing.

Since then, I have had a chance to explore making websites, programming web apps and been given a glimpse of what it takes to transform an idea from concept to reality.

I taught myself how to program by exploring areas that interested me and committing to three simple concepts that my blog was founded upon: learning, exploring and creating everyday.

In early 2015, I founded my own web app called let’s chill and piloted the concept in Vancouver, Canada. After spending some time back home, I knew I wanted another opportunity to live abroad. With that, I re-opened the door to exploring a new country and worked on a solution to fulfill my most immediate goals. In June 2015, I happily accepted a role to join an exciting startup in Melbourne, Australia.

I stated this journey and blog with this thought in mind:

“I believe that if you are going to give something a real shot, it deserves 100% of your effort. At the same time, it’s important to have fun doing what you do. My focus is on working on fun ideas with the hopes to turn one or more of the these ideas into a full fledge business.”

My experience in Malaysia bought me time to explore different possibilities and eventually gave me inspiration for my own app let’s chill. It also exposed my need for a stronger technical foundation. I plan to strengthen these areas in Australia while opening my opportunities in app development and getting involved in startup.

While I originally labeled myself as a roaming entrepreneur, I haven’t strayed too far from that title as I struggle to re-find my sense of home these last few years. Regardless of where this journey takes me from here, my life remains centered around the three guiding concepts:

Learn. Explore. Create.

And that is what I do.


– Last updated June 2015