The first week in Melbourne

The first three weeks in Australia have come and gone very quickly and if I could sum it up in two words it would be the following: exceeding expectations. There are lots of details I can share, but I’ll start by summarizing my first week.

As excited as I was to jump at this opportunity, I was somewhat nervous about moving across the world to join a team who I’ve never met in person to take on responsibilities that I had no idea if I would enjoy. Needless to say, it’s gone exceptionally well and I’ve “hit the ground running”.

I arrived on Friday, July 3rd on a brisk winter morning. For the first few days, I stayed with a travel friend who I met in Vietnam. He moved to Melbourne from Perth shortly after his trip in Vietnam. I spent the first days getting over jet lag, taking it easy and finding a place to stay. I was fairly happy with the first place I saw, so instead of being fussy, I decided to go with it. Considering I had little sense of the city and my situation is modestly uncertain for the first three months, the place was a good first fit.

First week

Melbourne winter

On that first Monday, I also met the team for the first time at the team’s go to coffee spot. The lead up reminded me of a first date with an internet person who you think might be a good fit, but in actuality, you have no idea how they are in real life. Overall, the first introductions were chill and there wasn’t too much of an impression I could take away from the first meeting.

I was able to move in on Tuesday so I spent the next few days doing errands, which mostly involved picking up things for my room/house. It’s a shared house with three students (two international and one local) and one cook.

As the first week zoomed by, I was anxious to start work on the coming Friday. When I finally started, it was a chill day of setting up my computer and eating/drinking. Our team went out for a welcome lunch (for me!) and I was exposed to some of the social culture of the office.

The following week, I started “real work” and I can definitely say it is both challenging and very fun. The culture is very relaxed but I think there is a lot of room to grow and explore my own interests.

During the first week, I even had a promising conversations regarding the long-term vision of the company. It’s too soon to see how it will play out but I have lots of thoughts of how I might see myself fit into the grand scheme of things.

Company passion

Sharing our passions

At the end of the day, the first week in Melbourne has far exceeded my expectations. Having never been here prior to this, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. In the short time I’ve been here, the city has totally won me over. It has a charming personality and I can see why people love it here.

Australian Open Grounds

Looking forward to the Aussie open

I have lots of fun posts coming up so stay tuned over the next week!


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