Using rejection as motivation


It’s going to happen at some point in your life. The rejection might come in your personal life, or maybe your career, but either way, you’re probably not going to be happy about it. I always wondered how one stays motivated for long stretches. How does one stay positive when …

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September in review

September was a pretty good month. The traction I gained at the end of the August gave me a better direction to move ahead. I haven’t had as much time to write but I felt like I needed to do a mind dump for this month’s review. These past few …

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August in review

It’s been a fun month. The first few weeks, I was looking at options and just trying to feel like I was mentally in Vancouver again. The last two weeks of August has been a series of unexpected events. It first started with my Rails study group that received a …

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Part 3: Happiness is simplicity

People watching around the KLCC

Last time, I shared some thoughts on where love fits into happiness. This time, I talk about something that I’ve been relating to a lot over the last two years: simplicity. We live in a world where we are taught to get more. Get more what? Everything. Buy more things, …

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The adventures of haircuts abroad

My Cambodia haircut. One of the best haircuts I've ever gotten!

One of the interesting things (for me) to do abroad is to get a haircut. I’ve gotten a haircut a few times where they did not speak English (e.g. Cambodia/Vietnam) so I just let them cut away. I never know what to say when they ask anyways. “How do you …

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It’s easier to be the one leaving?

The greatest gift you can give someone is yourself

“You’re leaving. I don’t want to go through the feeling where something’s missing.” She said. It’s easier to be the one leaving, someone else said to me. Where did this all sound so familiar? Oh yeah, my travel romance. But I most certainly did not agree that it’s easier to …

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