Staying motivated: A wall of encouragement

Everyone has times when they feel uncertain about themselves. Even with a strong why, you will find times of difficulties and times of weakness. Many years ago I came up with an idea called a wall of encouragement. It was pretty simple; I took quotes, notes and things people have …

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Founderdating review


Founderdating. Despite how it sounds, it’s not a dating website. Founderdating is a website looking to bring together cofounders from both the business side and the technical side. I first came across this site last year when I returned to Vancouver. I intended to use it for networking, but instead I only found headaches. …

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My experience with technology recruiters in Australia

Regardless of the industry, recruiters have a bad reputation. For many individuals, they may be no better than used car people. They are said to be dishonest and sneaky as they attempt to fill their vacancies by any means possible. They are also known to focus on higher paying jobs …

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Can you still run a marketing campaign on Tinder?

The world's most famous hook up app

Tinder exploded in 2013 and 2014 as the world’s most famous hook up app. Look at a picture, swipe left for no and right for yes. If you both approve of each other, it’s a match and you can chat and get it on. As tinder’s popularity grew, creative people …

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A taste of startup culture

Standard fare for a startup

Startup culture in tech companies are infamous for awesome perks, great work life balance and a community environment for fostering personal and career growth. Of course, not all startups are like that. Companies vary greatly in how they build their culture and may look for different things when they hire …

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The first week in Melbourne

Australian Open Grounds

The first three weeks in Australia have come and gone very quickly and if I could sum it up in two words it would be the following: exceeding expectations. There are lots of details I can share, but I’ll start by summarizing my first week. As excited as I was …

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