The 3 year journey line: Becoming the successful student


“Nobody is going to sponsor you.. You think a company will pay to keep you..?” She said to me. There are people who will encourage you blindly (I’m not sure if they believe it, but it’s a polite thing to say). There are those who will encourage you truthfully. And …

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Teaching 101: How I teach (code)


Over the past few months, I’ve started getting involved in teaching a web development course to beginners. Had I stayed in Melbourne, I would have taken the web development teaching assistant role I was offered by one of the coding schools. In the end, the same company gave me a …

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Mastering your development environment: Part 2


In my first post, I covered the essentials of my development environment. It was mostly a laundry list of my essential tools and a bit of what my personal setup looks like. Of course, it takes more than a pile of tools to master your workflow. Mastery of your tools …

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5 things coding taught me


I’ve learned a lot from picking up how to code. It goes without saying that I’ve learned new skills in web development, problem solving, and even, learning how to learn. While the first year will always feel the most eye-opening (and confusing), I think the biggest changes have come in …

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Mastering your development environment: Part 1


Ah, the development environment, the starting point for all your development work. The development workflow is essential for your productivity and differs so immensely from person to person. Everyone has an opinion but not everyone enjoys fine tuning their work environment as much as I do. I remember when I …

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My first piece of wearable tech: Fitbit Charge HR


The Fitbit is one of the most popular wearable health devices on the market. I picked up the Fitbit Charge HR in July before coming back to Australia and I was pretty excited about my new toy. I went with the HR because of the heart rate monitoring function in …

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Goal setting 101: tips for achieving your goals


I recently started working on a Firefox add-on centered around keeping your short term goals visible whenever you open a new tab. The project was coming along until I realized I need to rewrite it using the new “web extensions” format. In-between day-to-day development work and teaching, figuring out how …

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Everything I’m not passionate about


The original goal of this blog was to document my journey in answering the big question, “where to next in life?” while creating a relatable content to anyone else wondering something similar. The motto, “learn, explore, create” was my mantra and to show that ordinary to extraordinary was possible through …

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Exploiting the AR world: what Pokemon Go taught us

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a thing. Or it was a thing. It smashed so many records with its release and had so people walking around like drones that it’s crazy to think that it only started two months ago. The numbers are in steady decline now with over 10 15 million …

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