The first week in Melbourne

Australian Open Grounds

The first three weeks in Australia have come and gone very quickly and if I could sum it up in two words it would be the following: exceeding expectations. There are lots of details I can share, but I’ll start by summarizing my first week. As excited as I was …

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Months in review

It’s been many months since I’ve had a “month in review” post. In the beginning I found it useful to give myself some direction each month, but the last six months have felt more focused on different obstacles that have naturally presented themselves. I wanted to take a few moments …

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Weighing in on Australia


Anywhere but here was probably the first thought I had when thinking about where to go, but when it came down to checking off criteria, Australia was one of the few options that made sense. Tech startup presence. Check. Active ruby community. Check. English speaking country. Check. Visa options. Check. …

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