5 things about living abroad: No turning back

One chance to jump!

Last year, some people shared a Thought Catalog post on 10 things about living abroad, there’s no turning back. I’m not a fan of TC’s material but they have good post ideas. This is my version. A little more concise and things that are relatable to my own experiences. I …

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10 things I learned from working on let’s chill

It’s been tough to concentrate with everything going on these past few weeks. It’s made me really restless. But writing always helps soothe my soul. Besides learning the basics of taking an application from concept to deployment, I learned a lot about myself and it reenforced other concepts I’ve learned …

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Always reply

I always try my best to reply to messages, even if it is a simple hello.

“Why?” I asked.

You never know the relevance of that message down the road. Once, somebody messaged me and I thought, ‘what’s the point? I don’t talk to this person often.’ It turned out, we had some common ground and I helped introduce him to someone. Later, he referred me to a company. The rest is history right? We spun off as a separate entity with me as the CEO.

Imagine if I didn’t reply.



Frustrating crawl to beta

This is really just another mind dump before I get back to work. Today was supposed to be the day that I could open let’s chill for beta. Yeah…that isn’t going to happen. The last week has been pegged with frustrating roadblocks as I reach some of the last tasks …

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Apparently Christmas is around the corner

It’s been a hectic two months since development started on let’s chill. I’m taking a few moments to dump some thoughts before I move onto today’s work load. This past weekend, I had a milestone day as a group of my friends did a first round of testing on the …

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