Weighing in on Australia


Anywhere but here was probably the first thought I had when thinking about where to go, but when it came down to checking off criteria, Australia was one of the few options that made sense. Tech startup presence. Check. Active ruby community. Check. English speaking country. Check. Visa options. Check. …

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5 things about living abroad: No turning back

One chance to jump!

Last year, some people shared a Thought Catalog post on 10 things about living abroad, there’s no turning back. I’m not a fan of TC’s material but they have good post ideas. This is my version. A little more concise and things that are relatable to my own experiences. I …

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10 things I learned from working on let’s chill

It’s been tough to concentrate with everything going on these past few weeks. It’s made me really restless. But writing always helps soothe my soul. Besides learning the basics of taking an application from concept to deployment, I learned a lot about myself and it reenforced other concepts I’ve learned …

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