5 things I hate about Melbourne

Decent Australian Internet speeds

This post could easily be renamed to “5 things I hate about Australia” but I wanted to contrast my post of “5 things I love about Melbourne”. Of course, while I love the city, no place is without its annoyances. History has shown me that people love a hating post …

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The fruit picking life: A farm life Q&A

Grape Picking

Everyone always gives me different reactions when I mention working on a farm for three months. Some people are shocked, others find it funny, while some are curious as to what the whole experience would be like. My most honest summary is that it has been better than my expectations. …

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When things fall apart

Fruit picking

The Unsuccessful Student has been utterly quiet these past three months. If you’re on my Facebook, everything would seem to be peachy, but truth be told, the last three months have taken a most unexpected turn. After a wonderful honeymoon phase with Melbourne, everything went wrong. An unexpected parting with …

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Staying motivated: A wall of encouragement

Everyone has times when they feel uncertain about themselves. Even with a strong why, you will find times of difficulties and times of weakness. Many years ago I came up with an idea called a wall of encouragement. It was pretty simple; I took quotes, notes and things people have …

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Founderdating review


Founderdating. Despite how it sounds, it’s not a dating website. Founderdating is a website looking to bring together cofounders from both the business side and the technical side. I first came across this site last year when I returned to Vancouver. I intended to use it for networking, but instead I only found headaches. …

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My experience with technology recruiters in Australia

Regardless of the industry, recruiters have a bad reputation. For many individuals, they may be no better than used car people. They are said to be dishonest and sneaky as they attempt to fill their vacancies by any means possible. They are also known to focus on higher paying jobs …

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