Apparently Christmas is around the corner

It’s been a hectic two months since development started on let’s chill. I’m taking a few moments to dump some thoughts before I move onto today’s work load. This past weekend, I had a milestone day as a group of my friends did a first round of testing on the …

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A look back at Startup Weekend Vancouver

54 hours if you don't sleep!

It was 1am on November 5th and I was stuck on some code. I decided to take a break and check off something else on my to do list: look at the upcoming startup events for startup week. The kickoff to startup week was Startup Weekend Vancouver (hereby known as …

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October in review

Overall, I am fairly happy with how October progressed. It has laid the foundation for the next month which is all about working towards the alpha release of Absolut. The project will release on (not yet active) which is the more appropriate “pilot name” for it. The general gist …

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Using rejection as motivation


It’s going to happen at some point in your life. The rejection might come in your personal life, or maybe your career, but either way, you’re probably not going to be happy about it. I always wondered how one stays motivated for long stretches. How does one stay positive when …

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September in review

September was a pretty good month. The traction I gained at the end of the August gave me a better direction to move ahead. I haven’t had as much time to write but I felt like I needed to do a mind dump for this month’s review. These past few …

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